Keo tự vá dành cho xe hơi

800 đ

800 đ

OKO LCV is a tyre protector designed predominantly for the needs of 4x4s, vans, trailers and cars (see below for exceptions).

Ideal for 4×4 vehicles (with normal manufacturer high-profile tyres) that travel on road as well as off road, subject to the careful observance of speed limits.

Also recommended for caravans, mobile homes, boat trailers, horse boxes, etc.

Cars with regular tyres may also be treated, after all wheels/tyres have been balanced.

Due to the inflexible nature of low-profile, high-speed tyres we do not recommend sealant be applied to them as imbalance may be magnified if there is a slight imbalance present before fitting.   Not recommended for use on V, W, Y or Z rated tyres or in Low Profile tyres of 40 profile or less.  

If a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is fitted that has a sensor inside the tyre, sealant may coat the sensor and give a false reading.  Check compatibility with your manufacturer.  External TPMS systems that monitor the outside of the tyre are completely compatible with tyre sealant.

Formulated to last longer in fast moving hotter on road tyres.  It copes with the additional speed and heat and reduces the temperature inside the tyre.

Given normal use, it will last for the commercial life of the tyre.

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